Diogo Freire

Product/Project Manager and Weightlifter


I’m a product/project lead, weightlifter and fitness coach living in Papamoa, New Zealand.


I write about myself and other things in substack.

IT life

I’ve been a IT professional for 25+ years, as a developer, project, innovation and product manager. I’ve lately have been involved in digital solutions in the health and fitness space because I love the thrill of helping people improve themselves.

I keep a list of projects I’ve been involved with in my career.

Fit Life

I’m a olympic-style weigthlifter and had the honour of representing NZ as a master here in an event here or there.

I’m a coach for FAM™.

Once upon a time I was a Personal Trainer, and I have receipts for that era.


You can contact me on me@diogofreire.com