I help people improve their health and have fun in the process.

All services below include an initial chat (I’ll buy you a coffee) and session for free. This allows me to understand your goals, your current level of fitness and any health aspects we need to be careful with. From there I’ll be able to design sessions for you (or your group) with the perfect ratio of pain and pleasure.

In person or remote/online personal training

Other Services

Weight loss and healthy lifestyle

A key part of my practice is discussing healthy practises and helping my clients create sustainable habits to get their body in great shape for everyday life.

There’s no extra cost for this, it comes as part of everything I do – exercising is a big part of being healthy, but it’s not the be-all and end-all.

Group training

I can come to your office or run bootcamps for groups that want to exercise together but need some structure and feedback.

Prices depend on length of session and number of people.

Sport-specific training

If you have sports-specific goals around running, cycling, power or olympic lifting, rugby, basketball or improving your standing around on the cricket field, I would be very honoured to help you become even better-er at it.

Prices will depend on the type of session and how much remote/hands-on time we need.