Boxing fitness

Boxing fitness classes for Individuals and Groups, focusing on having some fun while learning a new skill and getting a sweat on.

Punching things and getting a great workout at the same time.

Boxing is a great way of getting an intense workout and developing agility, core strength, cardio capacity and also unleashing some frustration (I prefer when mitts and bags are used instead of my face).

Workouts include a mix of punching combos and technique review, and the focus is to have fun and not see the time pass. My sessions include technique work and also some other exercises such as squats and push-ups to build overall conditioning and strength.

Focusing on technique work
Turning some mitts into s-mitt-ereens

I offer individual and group classes, and I can come to wherever is most convenient for you.

My goal as a trainer is to make exercise fun and something people look forward to, helping you create a habit you’ll stick to and appreciate the small consistent improvements.

I’m a Box’n’Burn certified trainer

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