In person and remote personal training

Regardless of your level of fitness and experience I’ll help you get started and learn to enjoy the process

My goal as a trainer is to make exercise fun and something people look forward to, helping you create a habit you’ll stick to and appreciate the small consistent improvements.

Making exercise a fun habit that you look forward to

In person training

I provide one-on-one sessions in the Hutt area. I can come to your house and bring some equipment, or we can meet at our gym in Waterloo.

Remote/online personal training

If it fits your schedule better, I also offer online sessions which I personalise to fit the equipment you have at home. I won’t just throw you a bunch of exercises and wish you good luck – I’ll be online with you as you do the workouts and provide feedback as you go.

Some trainers will push you hard, yell at you to keep you motivated, make you feel absolutely spent at the end of the workout and inspire military-like seriousness in your fitness. Diogo is not one of them.

The guy knows his stuff, but he is a pleasure to have as a trainer. I mean, he takes good technique and improving your fitness seriously, but he has a knack of keeping the level of banter at ace levels, not to mention giving you just enough crap so you can find an extra gear in your workout.

Highly recommend, but approach with caution.

Lucy Freeman

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