Olympic Weightlifting Coaching

Olympic Weightlifting coaching for experienced and novices in the sport.

Strength meets skill meets frustration meets incredible sense of achievement

You’ve probably seen it in the Olympics and thought it was insanely complicated, but Olympic Weightlifting is an incredibly accessible sport that with the right amount of practice can be enjoyed by everyone.

Training involves practicing the snatch and the clean & jerk, squatting, and accessories that develop overall mobility and strength in the whole body. ‘Specially for those who aren’t big fans of cardio, this is your place to be. The sport develops agility and coordination and uses your full body and brain the whole time.

Whether you have experience with lifting from CrossFit or powerlifting, or if you are completely new to the sport, I will work with you to refine your technique, understand your strengths and areas for improvement, and provide programmes and feedback on your lifts. I’ll coach you through the highs and lows and help you stay focused on enjoying the process, while keeping an eye on long term improvements.

I can provide remote coaching or in person, as well as weekly programmes for your training. I’ll also work on mindset and intent, which are often overlooked parts of good execution and safety while lifting.

Remote athlete Karen’s Snatch in early December 2019 and Power Snatch from October 2020. Our main focus has been on strength building, spot on technique and controlling the bar (as opposed to throwing and praying). She claims that, amongst many other things, managing 3 kids in harsh Canadian weather gave her the stamina she needs to train. I’m certain that moose meat and maple syrup has played a part and should be studied by science.

My goal as a trainer is to make exercise fun and something people look forward to, helping you create a habit you’ll stick to and appreciate the small consistent improvements.

I met Diogo early in 2019 and have been working with him exclusively since December 2019. Diogo has great enthusiasm for coaching and my experience with him as my Olympic Weightlifting coach has been nothing short of exceptional. Diogo is wise, and he knows if you die you no longer will need his services. Because of that he keeps his athletes training safely and with purpose. I look forward to continuing to build my strength, technique, and confidence with him as my coach.

Karen Eminger – Saskatoon, Canada
Karen Eminger

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